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Creekstone Farm

Creekstone Farm is committed to producing some of the highest quality beef in America:

  • USDA Certification
  • Hand Selected Black Angus Cattle
  • Humane Animal Treatment
  • High Quality Corn-Based Feed
  • State Of The Art Processing
  • USDA Certified Beef Programs 
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Blue Moon Fish

Blue Moon is a commercial fishing family from Mattituck, Long Island catching wild, local fish for sale exclusively at NYC Greenmarkets. They have over 40 years commercial experience catching fish and shellfish from the waters off Eastern Long Island. 

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Bell & Evans Birds

"Bell & Evans® is a pioneer in the natural foods market and has been providing high-quality poultry for over four generations. Their chickens are raised and processed in the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country without antibiotics on an all vegetarian diet and plenty of fresh water— no antibiotics. . . ever.  "Our chickens eat better so you eat better."

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Lani's Farm

"Lani's Farm is located in south New Jersey, Bordentown and loves to share fresh, organic produce with their neighbors. 

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Homarus works directly with Maine fishermen to deliver freshly caught lobster directly to chefs in some of the best-known and most respected restaurants in the world. 

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Meadows & More

"Our practices are founded on a profound connection to and stewardship of the land. We cull invasive and nonnative adventive plants, aka weeds, and restore native plants and biodiversity, in collaboration with private landowners, organic farmers and conservation groups. We believe in the power of nature: to heal, to feed and to connect us with each other." 

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Pat LaFrieda

Third generation meat purveyor offering the best cuts of beef, pork, lamb, veal, and sausage

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