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Sticky Rice & Sauces
Creekstone Farms Sesame Beef Jerky
Main Dining Room & Bar
Roasted Bell & Evans Chicken
Smashed Papaya Salad
Quail & Papaya Salad
Crispy Chili Chicken
Pork Belly

Khe-Yo Catered Boxed Lunch


Select the desired number of boxed lunches (everything is packed into our boxed lunched individually, so your guests can grab their own individually packed lunch.)  Jasmine Rice, Mixed Greens, or Rice Vermicelli Noodles can be selected as the base for all the lunch boxes (choose up to 2 bases and chef will pre-pack 1 base total per box with accompanying sauce. Noodles = Sweet Carrot Sauce.  Jasmine Rice = Chili Soy Vinegar Sauce (Vegan.) Mixed Greens = Chili Soy Vinegar Sauce (Vegan.)


Choose Your Box
Bell & Evans Lemongrass Chicken Boxed Lunch
Hampshire Pork Chop Boxed Lunch
Chili Caramel Ora King Salmon Boxed Lunch
Creekstone Farms Hangar Steak Boxed Lunch
Caramelized Eggplant & Mushroom Boxed Lunch (Gluten Free & Vegan)
Char-Siu Tofu with Ginger & tofu Boxed Lunch


Add an Appetizer
Sesame Beef Jerky With Smoked Chili Sauce
Crispy Brussels Sprouts Leaves
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